It's not like home.
It is home.

Home may be a place, but it’s also a feeling, a way of life and something we take seriously.


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4750 Clairton Blvd
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236

A Place Where You Belong

At The Residence at Whitehall, we want to help you live life to the fullest. Grab a cup of coffee with friends old and new at our cafe, focus on your health in our fitness center and start a project in our creative arts studio. You'll find what you're looking for at The Residence at Whitehall, a place that is not just like home, it is home.

The Grace Management Philosophy

As part of the Grace Management family, The Residence at Whitehall believes in and embraces the Living Gracefully philosophy. This commitment embodies our unique way of life at The Residence at Whitehall, ensuring you live and age gracefully in your next chapter.

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It is a beautiful place in a wonderful location.